Barter plus provides a marketplace where you can exchange goods and services for trade units, instead of cash.

How does cashless trading work?

On becoming a member, you list your products or services in our network. You buy and sell products on the trade platform using trade units, one (1) trade units is equivalent to TT$ 1. Barter Plus assigns a Trade Broker to your account to assist you with your needs, promote your business and help you spend your trade units.

As with cash trading, the same principles of buying/selling apply. The trade platform offers a listing of members with products/services available for purchase. The platform also offers sales opportunities with interested buyers seeking your product/service.

Once a trade is agreed to between buyer and seller, payment can be made electronically using trade units and a trade commission is paid to Barter plus. Trade commissions are charged on the gross value of each trade made by the member. The trade platform records and stores all information related to the trade for access anytime following the trade.

If you're ready to start bartering within Barter Plus' trade network, contact us and learn how Barter Plus can help your company profit today!

Each good or service is bartered with a trade unit value equivalent to what a cash paying customer would pay. Each sale you make is credited to your account, and your accumulated ‘trade units’ are what are used to make your purchases. As your broker, we will help promote and advertise your business to our network of members through our email blasts, newsletters and referrals. This in turn, also, generates new cash paying customers as they see and hear about the work you do. What better way is there to grow your business and save your cash at the same time!

Accounting Services
The Accountant barters for a vacation
Hotel / Vacation Resort
The Hotel / Resort barters for radio advertising
Radio Station
The Radio Station barters for printing
The Printer barters for office furniture
Office Furniture Company
The Office Furniture Company barters for accounting services